Configuring Availability

To configure the Availability feature, follow the steps below.


By turning on the Availability feature, in the first fold, you will launch the collection of availabilities of your team members for a given period of time. For that purpose, you need to specify the starting time of the period, the period's length, and the deadline for the submissions.

In the second fold, this feature affects the sequence of the callouts for open shifts. At the time the open shifts are published, the callout for the shift goes through your available pool of team members first and then through your unavailable pool.

  • Availability is managed at the location level.
  • Seniority rules are still applicable when Availability is activated.



1. Open Settings from your left menu bar.

2. Click on Locations and select a location.

3. Click on the Availability tab.

4. Click on Modify to make changes.

5. Click on the Turn On Availability Pool toggle (green). 


Once the feature is activated and team members started submitting their availability, if the feature is then deactivated, availabilities that were submitted are lost.

6. Select options for the following parameters:

  • Start date of the first availability period: team members will provide their availability from the date selected to the end of the availability period.
  • Duration of each availability period: 1, 2, 3 or 4 week periods. 
  • Deadline for availability submissions: deadline to be considered in the next pool.


If team members miss the deadline, they are automatically sorted into the unavailable pool.

  • Include non-mobile users in available pool:  If activated, non-mobile users are automatically included in the available pool for all posted shifts. Non-mobile users will not need to provide availability. 

7. Click Save.

8. If you manage multiple locations, repeat these steps for each location.