Printing or exporting your team schedule

To print or export your team schedule to make it available to staff outside the platform, follow the steps below.  

The following pages in the application provide access to printing or exporting a schedule: 

  • Schedule: provided in PDF format
  • Shifts: provided in CSV format



From the Schedule page

1. Select Schedule from the left menu bar.

2. Open a tab for the position for which you wish to print the schedule.

3. Click the ellipse next to the Settings icon.

4. From the menu, select Print.

5. The schedule is generated on the screen. You have the option to save the file in PDF and then print it.

6. From the menu, select Export PDF.

7. The schedule is downloaded as a PDF file. 


Your schedule prints or exports as it appears on your screen.

  • If you are viewing a two-week schedule, your two-week schedule is printed or exported as a PDF. 
  • If you have draft shifts on your schedule in the selected periods, the draft shifts are also included in the PDF.


From the Shifts page

1. Open Shifts from the left menu bar. 

2.  Apply any of the available filters relevant to the report you wish to produce (Shift Status, Position, Internal Staff, External staff, Callout Status).

3. Click on the ellipsis next to the Shifts page header.

4. Click on Export CSV

5. The schedule is downloaded as a CSV file.