Publishing a schedule

To publish a schedule, follow the steps below.

All shifts are drafts while you are building your schedule. When you publish your schedule, these shifts are viewable by your team members. 



Filtering Your View

1. Select Schedule from the left menu bar.

2. Select the time period for the schedule.

  • Date range
  • One-week or two-week view

3. From the available filters, select the options you want to view.

4. Open a tab and select a position from the dropdown list. 

5. Create a schedule by applying a template, click here or by assigning shifts, click here.


Resolving any warnings or conflicts

When a draft shift conflicts with your default schedule settings (i.e. your union rules), conflicts or warnings are returned.

1. An exclamation mark appears on a shift or a team member’s schedule if there are any warnings or conflicts associated with it.

2. Hover your mouse over the symbol to see the smart recommendation.

Warnings (yellow) are generated by the following events:

  • Minimum time between shifts
  • Daily overtime
  • Weekly overtime

Conflicts (red) are generated by Overlapping shifts.



Conflicts (red) prevent schedules from being published and need to be resolved.

Warnings (yellow) don't prevent schedules from being published.


Publishing Shifts

1. When your schedule is ready, publish your shift by clicking on Publish.

2. Select which shifts to publish according to the following options:

  • Only drafts in open tabs
  • Only certain positions
  • All draft shifts 

3. Click Next to review the  summary of the schedule to publish.

4. Click on Publish.

5. Your team members have received a notification on the mobile app including their new assigned shifts.