Creating a master schedule template

To create and apply a master schedule template, follow the steps below.

  • Master schedule templates can be used for the creation of future schedules.
  • Templates can be created for individuals, a few team members, or even an entire team.



Creating a schedule template of draft shifts

1. Select Schedule from the left menu bar.

2. Create the draft shifts for your teams. For further details, click here.

3. Once you have completed the schedule to be saved as a template, click on Templates in the top menu bar.

4. Click on Create New.

5. Enter a name for your your template.

6. Select Private to keep it visible only by you or Shared for other administrators to be able to see it.

7. Click on Save.

8. This template is saved for future use and appears under Templates.

9. To delete an existing template, click on Templates, select the the template to be delete and click on the bin or Clear.

Applying a template

1. From Schedule, select the weeks for which you wish to apply the schedule.

2. Click on Templates.

3. Select the template from the list and click on Apply to apply the template to the weeks you are currently viewing. 


After you have applied a template of draft shifts, you need to publish your schedule to assign the shifts.