Creating and assigning shifts

To create shifts and assign them to one or more of your team members, follow the steps below.



1. Select Schedule from the left menu bar.

2. Select the location from the dropdown list.

3. Select the period from the calendar, 1-week or 2-weeks view. Use the available filters to restrict your view.

3. In an empty tab, click on Select a Position and select the position from the list for which you wish to schedule for.

4.  In the calendar view, create a new shift by clicking on + Add New in the row corresponding to the selected member and timeslot.

  • Modify if needed the following information: Edit Start Time, End Time, Unpaid Break Time
  • Click on Edit Shift to open the shift card.
  • Add shift notes (optional).
  • Click on Save.


Time zone is defined by the system from where you are posting shifts, i.e,  if you are located in eastern standard time (EST) and you are scheduling for a location in mountain time (MT) , you need to adjust the shift times to match MT (-2 hours).

5. You can also create a new shift by copying the shifts details from an existing shift in the schedule.

  • Hover on the shift, click on More options, Copy.
  • Click on the appropriate time slot and row in the schedule and click on Paste.


You can also drag and drop any draft shifts to assign them to another member.  

6. Repeat as many times as needed.

7. Depending on your default Scheduling Rules for  Overtime thresholds, you may receive a Daily Overtime Exceeded warning message. 


This warning message does not prevent the schedule publication.

8. All the shifts created are Draft shifts. Once your schedule is ready, you can publish it.  


Once published, assigned shifts automatically appear on your team member’s calendar.