Creating Custom Fields for your shift cards

To create Custom Fields to be added in the shift cards related to your location, follow the steps below.

Custom fields are input fields added to the shift cards, enabling to enter any additional information that is required by your locations.



1. Select Settings from the left menu bar.

2. Select Custom Fields.

3. Click on + Add Custom Fields.

4. Select the Field Type from the following options.

  • Single-Line Text : few words, free-form information 
  • Paragraph Text: more than a sentence, free-form information 
  • Dropdown (Single Select): create a set list of options to select from; first option in the list can be pre-selected

5. Enter the Field Name.

6. Enter Placeholder Text to be displayed in the empty field.

7. Select Show this field to internal team members on the mobile app.

All fields will be shown to administrators but you can choose if it should be shown to internal team members on the mobile app.

8. Click Next.

9. Select the locations to which this custom field will be applied.

10. Click Save.