Configuring Callout parameters

To configure the callout parameters, follow the steps below.

You can configure how open shifts are called out for a location by defining the shift distribution rules.

For example, you can set the callout to reach all team members instantaneously or in 15 minute intervals. You can offer shifts to your team members by cycling through the team members starting from the top of the sequence or starting after the last member who accepted a shift. 



1. Select Settings from the left menu bar.

2. Select Locations and then click on the location you wish to view.

3. Click on the Shift Distribution tab.

Shift Distribution rules displayed are independant of one another.


Rule 1: Send to available team members first

If set to Yes, shifts are offered to available members first.

This rule can only be viewed. Contact support for any modifications.

Available members are those who entered their availabilities via the Availability feature. Fro more details, click on Configuring Availability.


Rule 2: Tier between team members

Open shifts are called out to each team member in order of their ranking.

This rule can only be viewed. Contact support for any modifications.

Tier Type


Callout starts at the top of the sequence every time


Calllout starts after the last team member in the sequence that accepted a shift most recently

Shift Urgency Based on the delay between the creation of a shift and its start time: Critical, High, Low
Wait Time Wait time between team members ensures each individual has enough time to accept a shift before calling out to the next individual. The shift will remain available to accept for all team members called out previously


Rule 3: Share shift after internal call out

Open shifts can be shared with team members of several locations.

This rule can only be viewed. Contact support for any modifications.


Rule 4: Send shifts to group of team members

For a selected position, open shifts can be shared to various groups in a defined order. Groups must have been created beforehand.

1. Click on View details next the rule.

2. Click on + Add Position.

3. Select the Position for which you want to create a sequence of groups to callout.

4. Select the first group in the sequence.

5. Select the Wait time between groups.

  • To insert a pause that will require manual intervention for the callout to proceed to the next group, select Manual approval to continue.

6. Select the next group in the sequence.

7. To keep building the sequence, click on + Add Group.

  • Select a value in hours for Skip wait times for shifts created within value in hours of shift start.

8. Repeat these steps as needed.

9. Click on Save.