Requesting a team member to fill a shift

To request a team member to fill a shift, follow the steps below.

  • When you request a specific healthcare professional, that member has 4 hours to consider your request.
  • Within a recurring sequence, the healthcare professional can accept only some of the shifts  according to their availabilities. Any remaining shifts are sent to all other available healthcare workers. 
  • If a shift is declined or if there is no action after 4 hours, the callout goes to all other available and qualified healthcare professionals.



1. Click on Create Batch Shifts in the menu bar.

2. Input the details of your shifts. For more details on how to create a shift, click here.

3. Click on Available Team Members to select a specific team member.

  • You can type into the Search field to narrow down the search.
  • Toggle through all the pages to search for the healthcare professional.
  • Every healthcare professional's card displays the name, rating (and the number of ratings given), the position and its status.

4. Click on a card member to select a healthcare professional. Click on Request.

5. Click on  Save

6. After you have submitted the request, the team member is notified of the shifts you've requested them for and has the option to accept or decline the shift.