Configuring Seniority rules

To configure the seniority rules, i.e ranking your team members, follow the steps below.

Ranking your team members will determine the order in which a shift is shared.



1. Select Team Member from the left menu bar.

2. Click on Edit Seniority.

3. Click on Download CSV.

4. Select the Community (Location) and Position that you wish to rank and click on Download.

5. Open the seniority_ranking file (CSV file), rank your team members in column A (Ranking) from 1 to 10 until until all team members have been assigned a ranking:

  • 1 is for the first team member  you are granting the ability to see an available shift
  • 2 is for the second team member
  • 3 for the third, etc.


It is recommended to use rankings by steps of 5, i.e.: 1, 5, 10, ..., to be able to insert new team members with more seniority joining the team, in between the members.  

6. Save the CSV file when all team members have been ranked.

7.  Click on Edit Seniority in the Team Member tab, then click on Upload CSV.

8. Select the Community (Position) and Position that you just finished ranking, upload the edited document and click on Upload to upload your file. 

9. Your ranking is now reflected for all callouts that you create.

The Audit Trail of a specific shift shows the sequence of the callout.