Viewing the Audit Trail for an open shift

To view the Audit Trail for an open shift, follow the steps below.

The following pages in the application provide access to the Audit Trail of an open shift via the shift card, under the General tab:

  • Dashboard : List View
  • Schedule : One-Week or Two-Week Calendar View
  • Shifts : Monthly List View or Calendar View


The Audit Trail allows to follow up on each of your shifts, including a snapshot of activities related to the shift as well as the callout progress.



1. From Dashboard, Schedule, and Shifts pages, click on the shift for which you would like to view the details.

2. Open the shift card.

3. Click on the Activity tab.

4. The Activity tab displays the details of any activity on each shift, including the date and time of each of the activities.

5. In the Details column,  click on View to open the Audit Trail.


  • The Activity tab is updated every time a new action is taken on the shift (e.g. team members being released from a shift, expired team member requests, callouts, editing shift details and initial shift creation).
  • A new Audit Trail is created for each new Callout activity on a shift.
  • Click on the most recent View button to acces the latest Audit Trail.

6. The Audit Trail displays the following information:

  • The expected call out list (based on shift distribution settings including: tiering, availability, ranking, etc) when the call out shift is published
  • Call out progress
  • Est. time remaining
  • Call out status (E.g. Notified, Time Off, In Line, Overtime Not Allowed, Not Notified)


The Audit Trail is a snapshot in time, each time you view the audit trail on a callout shift, it will be updated based on the progress of the callout. 

7. To export your Audit Trail as a CSV file, click on Export CSV button.