Creating open shifts (and Callouts)

To create an open shift, follow the instructions below.

When you create an open shift, as soon as it is published, you are launching a callout for the shift according to the shift details (position, dates, hours,...).

  • The shift will be offered to members according to Shift Distribution rules that have been configured. For further details about the rules settings, click here.
  • The shift will be assigned to the first member that accepts the shift.
  • If you wish to assign a specific member to the shift, click here to find out how.


Single or multiple Open Shifts can be created from the following pages: 

  • Create Batch Shifts (enables Recurring shifts creation)
  • Schedule



From the Create Batch Shifts page

1. Select Create Batch Shifts from the left menu bar.

2. Select your location from the dropdown list.

3. Select dates for the shifts from the calendar.

4. Fill in the Shifts section as follows:

  • Select the position, start/end/unpaid time, and number of shifts.
  • Click on Recurring Shifts to select the Repeat Options. See below under To configure a recurring shift.
  • Click on Edit Details to add notes to the shifts.
  • Turn on the Allow Overtime? toggle (the bar is green) to allow overtime on the shift. 

When creating a shift with allowable overtime, all team members are notified of the callout, including those who would potentially go in overtime. It is not indicated to the members that this shift includes allowable overtime. 

5. Click on Confirm Booking.

6. A Shifts Summary is displayed for review.

7. Click on Submit to publish the shifts.

6. These shifts can now be found under Dashboard, Recently Created Shifts tab.


From the Schedule page

1. Select Schedule from in the left menu bar.

2. Select the period and available filters to restrict your view.

3. Select a position for which you wish to create an open shift.

4. In the Open Shift row, click on + Add New in the appropriate timeslot. Fill in the following information:

  • Use + or - to set the Shift quantity you want to create
  • Edit Start Time, End Time, Unpaid Break Time 
  • Turn on  Allow Overtime? (if applicable)
  • Click on Edit Shift to add additional details (Shift Notes)

5. Click on Save.


If you created more than one shift, a counter displays the total number of shifts created in the cell.

6. You can also create a new shift by copying the shifts details from an existing shift in the schedule.

  • Hover on the shift, click on More options, Copy.
  • Click on the appropriate time slot in the schedule and click on Paste.

7. Draft shifts are created.

Draft shifts must be published before they can be sent out to members. 


To configure a recurring shift

A recurring shift occurs more than once over a duration of time (e.g. Mon. 7-3pm, Tue. 7-3pm, Wed. 7-3pm, Thu. 7-3pm, Fri. 7-3pm).

1. Follow steps under Create Batch Shifts from the left menu bar.

2. In the Set Repeat Options panel, select the following options for the shifts:

  • Repeat X times: 1, 2, 3, or 4
  • Every day, week or month
  • End date of the recurrence

3. Click on Save.

4. On your confirmation page, review full details to ensure the recurring pattern is accurate and click Submit.