Viewing your Schedule

To view your schedule, follow the steps below.

You schedule is assigned to you by your planner via the platform. When shifts are assigned to you, you receive both a push notification and an email to notify you of the update.

Assigned shifts were automatically added to your schedule by your planner. They are mainly your master, repeating schedule.
Accepted shifts are open shifts that you accepted in addition to your assigned shifts. These were added to your schedule after you accepted them on the App.



1. From the bottom menu, click on My Schedule tab.

2. The shifts you are assigned to are listed on a weekly view.

  • Total hours accepted this week are displayed.

3. Click on a date to expand to a monthly view.

  • Total hours accepted this month are displayed.
  • Both your assigned shifts and any open shifts that you accepted are listed.
  • A purple circle around a date indicates you are booked for at least one shift on that date.
  • Scroll down to view the details of your shifts.

4. Click on a shift card to display all shift details.  The following information is provided for each shift:

  • Assigned shift or an Accepted
  • Date and time
  • Total paid duration
  • Unpaid break
  • Location
  • Shift notes if applicable

5. Click on Location Profile to display  the contact info about the location.