Accepting a shift

To accept shifts that are offered to you or that are open shifts, follow the steps below.

The app home page is the Available Jobs page and displays shifts that were offered to you on top of the list and then open shifts for which you have the qualifications.



1. From the bottom menu, click on the Available Jobs tab.

2. Scroll through the list of available jobs. Use Filters if you want to restrict the view.

3. Click on any shift to open the shift card and find out more details about the shift.

4. To accept the shift, click on Accept from the list or from the shift card.

5. Click on Accept again to confirm.

6. The shift appears on your schedule.

If you are requested for a shift, you have 4 hours to accept the shift. After the 4 hours delay, other team members have access to the shift. 

When you accept a shift successfully, you are booked when the shift appears in your Schedule. If not, you are not booked for the shift.


To cancel a shift that you were either scheduled for or that you accepted (Or to notify of late arrival for your shift)

1. Click on the Messages icon at the top of the shift card, or from your bottom menu.

2. Select your manager or administrator from the list of contacts.

3. Type a message and click on the green arrow to send the message.