Submitting your Availability

To submit your Availability, follow the steps below.

You only have the option to submit your availability if your manager/admin has requested it through the platform.

A Submit your availability banner will be  displayed when you open the App.



1. If your availability has been requested, you will see an Availability banner when you open the App.

2. Click on the banner to begin the process of submitting your availability.

3. Click on each of the dates on the calendar that you are available to work.

4. Set the time frame on selected dates that you are available to work.

  • You have the option to apply the time frame you selected to other dates. 

5. Review the summary of the availabilities.

6. Click Confirm.

7.  Your availability for the requested time frame has been submitted. 


You may still be notified of shifts that fall outside of your availability, in situations where other staff have not picked up the shift.