Viewing Available Jobs

To apply filters to view the shifts you are interested in, follow the steps below.

The app home page is the Available Jobs page.

Shifts that can be viewed on this page include Requested Jobs, New Jobs, Other open shifts.



1. From the bottom menu, click on the Available Jobs tab.

2. Click on the Filters button at the top right corner.

3. The Filters page displays the following options.

Sort Shifts By
  • Upcoming: Upcoming available jobs
  • Date posted: Available jobs by date posted, most recent at the top
  • Distance: Distance from your home address on your profile, closest to you at the top
  • All is selected by default
  • Primary position
  • Any secondary positions
Shift Type
  • All selected by default
  • Direct requests are shifts that you have specifically been requested to fill (must be accepted or declined within 4 hours)
  • Single shifts are shifts that are posted as stand alone shifts, i.e. not a batch of recurring shifts
  • Recurring shifts are shifts that are posted as a batch of shifts taking place on the same day of the week at a specific interval
Shift Length
  • Can be adjusted by shifting purple circle to the right or to the left

4. Click on Apply filters

5. To remove applied filters individually, click on the highlighted filters. To remove all filters, click on Reset all at the top right.