Clocking In/Out for your shifts


To Clock In or Clock Out for your shift, follow the steps below. 

All smart phones users (IPhone or Android) must enable location services on their devices to be able to Clock In and Out of their shifts on the app. 



1. When your shift is set to begin, you are prompted to Clock In.

  • The Clock in option appears up to 30 minutes prior to the shift start.

2. When you click on Clock In, if your location services are turned off, you will be required to allow            Petal to access your location while using the app. If your global location permissions are turned off, an error message is returned.

3.  Once your location services are turned on, you will be able to Clock In for your shift.

  • If you are 500 meters or less from your shift's location, your Clock In will be successful.
  • If you are more than 500 meters away from the shift's location, an option Clock In Anyway is returned. Click on it to Clock In.

4. When your shift is complete, you will be prompted to Clock Out.

  • If you are on-site when you Clock Out, you will be successfully clocked out. 
  • If you attempt to Clock Out offsite, a warning message is returned.
  • If you click Clock Out Anyway, you will receive the successful clock in and clock out message                 

If you cannot Clock In/Out (i.e. No access to Internet)

  • The app defaults to the start/end time of the shift that you were assigned to.
  • You have 4 hours after your scheduled end time to edit your Clock In/Out time.