Creating teams for a schedule group

To create, modify or remove teams within a schedule group, follow the steps below.

Teams within groups allow to manage a sub-group of members as well as the shifts that can only be performed by the members of a specific team. 



  • Connect to Portal with a planner profile
  • Have access to Group's calendar

Access in Petal

  • Home page > Left menu > Members and teams


1. From your left menu bar, click on Scheduling, then select Members and teams.

2. Click on the Teams tab.

The existing teams for your group are displayed.


To create a team 

1. Click on Create a team.

2. In the Add team window,  enter the  Team name.

3. Under the Select the members of this team section, select at least one member.


4. Under Select shifts that can be done by members of this team section, select all the shifts that this team can be assigned to.



  • It is optionnal to select shifts (for example, if the team is used as a filter in th eplanning tool or in the group calendar in the Member view). 

  • If shifts are selected, the team can be used to manage skills/shifts.

  • In the latter case, members must be configured for the selected shifts (under Members > Members and shifts).


5. Click on Save once you have completed the team configuration.

6. The new team is displayed in the list of teams and will be added in the current period as well as future periods. 


To modify a team

1. Click on the pencil to modify the team.

2. For more details regarding the  Edit team window, consultez la section ci-dessous Créer une nouvelle équipe.


(i) The modifications to the team are effective for the current period as well as for the future ones.



To remove a team 

1. Click on the bin next to the team that you wish to delete.

2. Confirm the deletion by clicking on Yes.

(i) The team deletion is effective for the current period as well as for the future ones.