Removing a member from a schedule group

To remove a member from a group (temporarily or definitively), follow the steps below.

  • If the member to remove is a scheduled member with assignments in the future, you must remove the assignments before proceeding.
  • When removing a member, no warning is given about any unpublished assignment to this member. These will be automatically deleted along with the member removal. 
  • By removing a scheduled member from an advanced group, the associated unique configuration is also removed. For configurations that are also applied to other members, only this member is removed, not impacting the other members.  
  • Planners are not allowed to remove themselves from their own group. Please contact another planner to remove you from your own group.



  • Connect to Portal with a planner profile
  • Have access to Group's calendar

Access in Petal

  • Home page > Left menu > Scheduling> Members and teams


  1. From your left menu bar, click on Scheduling, then select Members and teams.

  2. Click on the Members tab.

    The list of all members is displayed.


To view inactive members

  1. Click on Past members tab.

2. To reactivate the member, click on + .

3. Review and modify the profil if applicable. Click here to add or modify members of a group.


To deactivate temporarily a member

If a member is on a temporary leave (medical, maternity, etc. ) and won't be using the app during that time, you might want to suspend the membership billing by adding an end date under the Access tab, for each group this member belongs to.

Upon the member's return, remove the date from the Membership and scheduling end date for each group this member belongs to

1. Click on the Members tab.

2. Click on the pencil next to the member that you wish to deactivate. 

3. Click on the Access tab.

4. Select a date in the calendar in the  Membership and scheduling end date.

5. Click on Save.

6. Under the Members tab, an END date appears in the Important Date  column for the selected member.

7. The member will be automatically removed at the END date.

8. To reactivate the member, remove the membership and scheduling end date. 


To remove a member from the group

1. Click on ( - ) directly from the list of members.

(i) Planners are not allowed to remove themselves from their own groups.



(i) A scheduled member with assignments in the future cannot be removed. You must delete the assignments before proceeding.



2. If the member has not current or future assignments, click Yes on the confirmation message.


(i) If you are removing a scheduled member (temporarily or definitively) the member will not be available for the period and will not be able to receive any assignments.