Accepting a shift transfer or trade

To accept a shift transfer or trade from a colleague in the situations described here, follow the steps below.

You received :

  • A shift transfer offer
  • A shift trade offer in which both shifts to trade were specified
  • A shift trade offer in which only the offered shift was specified and you need to choose which shift you are giving out
  • Several responses to your initial shift trade offer



  • Connect to Portal with a member’s profile.

  • Shifts must have been assigned to you previously in your personal calendar.
  • Shifts must be configured to be transferable.
  • Both members must be configured with the skills for the shifts to trade.

Access in Petal

  • Home page > Left menu > Calendars > My Calendar
  • Home page > Left menu > Calendars > Shift Trades > Offers
  • Home page > Left menu > Notifications


1. To accept a shift transfer or trade, click on My calendar or under Shift trades, Offers tab.

2. For any offer received, a pill is displayed in your personal calendar, containing the shift name along with an arrow icon;  one arrow for a transfer offer, two arrows for a trade offer. 


3. Click on the pill to view the details of the proposed offer. 


4. Click on Accept or Decline this offer.

If this transfer was offered to several members, the first one that accepts it, obtains the shift.


For a trade offer where your shift to trade has not been specified by the sender

1. Click on Access my calendar.

2. Select one of your shifts.

3. Click on Continue.

4. Click on Send.

It is possible to withdraw your offer as long as it has not been accepted or refused by the sender.


If you have received back trade offers on offers that you have initiated

1. Click on the shift that was on hold.

2. Click on all the offers received.

3. Click on Accept on the selected option.


4. Click on Decline on all other offers.


(i) Approval required

  1. You have accepted the offer but the ransaction requires an approval.

  2. This status will be displayed until the transaction is approved.