Transferring a shift to another physician

To transfer one of your shifts to another physician, follow-up on the transfer or withdraw it, follow the steps below.

  • Transfer: Offering a shift transfer (complete or partial) to another physician.

  • Trade: Offering a shift transfer to another physician and take on one of the physician's shift in exchange. Click here for more information.

  • Offer on the marketplace: Offering a transfer, trade, or both options to all members of the group. Click here for more information.



  • Connect to Portal with a member’s profile.
  • Shifts must have been assigned to you previously in your personal calendar.
  • Shifts must be configured to be transferable.
  • Members must be configured with the skills for the shift.

Access in Petal

  • Home page > Left menu > Calendars > My Calendar


1. From the left menu bar, select Calendars and then click on My Calendar.

2. Click on the shift that you wish to transfer.

3. In the shift details panel opening up, click on Transfer.


4. The list of members that have the skills to take on the selected shift is displayed. The status is displayed for each member (available, absent, booked on an event).

(i) Only the members configured with the skills for this shift will appear in this list.

5. Select one or more members to offer the transfer. Click on Continue.


6. Verify all the details related to the shift being transferred, add a comment (optional) and click on Send.

  • Identification of the shift to be transferred
  • Full transfer of the shift or partial transfer by modifying the starting and ending times

(i) Only one split of the shift is allowed.

  • Selected member for the transfer
  • Comment for the recipeient (optional)


7. You can select one from the two options in the confirmation :

  • Select Yes to send the transfer request to the selected member and wait for the response.
  • Select No to transfer the shift directly.



(i) Approval required

  1. You selected No to transfer the shift directly but the transaction requires an approval.

  2. This message will be displayed until the transaction is finalized.


8. If you selected Yes, the shift status is Awaiting a response.


9. Once the shift transfer is accepted by the recipient (or transferred directly), the shift can be viewed under Trades > History.


Withdrawing my transfer proposal

A transfer proposal that is still in waiting mode can be withdrawn.

1. Select the shift that is waiting to be accepted.

2. On the Shift details panel, click on Withdraw offer.

3. Click on Withdraw in the confirmation dialogue.


4. The transfer offer is withdrawn from the calendar.