Taking on the shortage or open shifts

To take on an open shift, follow the steps below.


  • Connect to Portal with a member’s profile

Access in Petal

  • Home page > Left menu > Calendars > Groups


  1. Click on the shift labeled Shortage or Open.
  2. On top of the right panel Assignation, the following information is displayed.
  • Group

  • Shift Name

  • Hours

Shift status

  • Open shift

  • Shortage shift


  • X missing member(s): the minimum assigned members is not reached

  • Minimum covered: the minimum assigned members is covered but the maximum is not reached

  • Limit reached: the maximum number of assigned members is reached


  • Assigned members or waiting for approval

  • Number of missing members required to reach the minimum requirement (gold circle) and maximum requirement (grey circle)


The avatar is displayed with the following symbols:

  • OS_en9.pngHourglass: Waiting for approval
  • Scissors: Assignment split between two members

Required: Minimum to cover shift

Limit: Maximum defined for shift

Time slots for the shift are displayed by default.

  • Enter a Comment for the request approver (optional).

  • Enter a Comment on the assignment (optional).




3. In the Assignation panel, click on Take shift.

  • If the shift assignment requires an approval, “The request follows the administrative process in place. The schedule will be updated when the request is completed.“ is displayed.

  • The shift awaiting approval is displayed with an hourglass.


4. Repeat previous steps to take on more shifts if needed.