Viewing the open or shortage shifts in my group’s calendar

To view the open shifts in the groups's calendar, follow the steps below.


  • Connect to Portal with a member’s profile

  • Customizing my Group Calendar's display

Access in Petal

  • Home page > Left menu > Calendars > Groups


  1. Select Shifts from the display options of the group calendar.

  2. The days in the calendar that include shortage shifts are flagged with a pictogram.

  3. Hover over the pictogram with your mouse on a given day to diplay the number of shortage shifts for the day.


  4. Open or shortage shifts for the group calendar are flagged with gold or grey pills in the calendar.



  • Days including shortage shifts

  • Shortage shifts : Gold pill
  • Open shifts : Grey pill





Closed shifts

  • Shifts that were not fulfilled and for which the requirements have been cancelled are indicated as closed shifts.
  • Closed shifts are displayed only if the setting to display open shifts has been selected.



Unpublished schedule

  • To indicate that the schedule has not yet been published for that period, the calendar is shaded.

  • An unpublished period is always displayed, whether the setting to display open shifts is selected or not.