Configuring shifts to enable self-assignment of open or shortage shifts by members

To enable group members to visualize and self-assign an open or shortage shift, follow the configuration steps.

  • Minimum and maximum ressources required for the shift must be configured for the shift to be identified as open or in shortage.

  • Shifts must be configured to be self-assignable by members.

  • An approval flow can be configured for the shift.

  • Members must be configured with skills for the shift.


  • Connect to Portal with a planner’s profile

Acces in Petal

  • Home page > Left menu > Scheduling > Shifts

  • Home page > Left menu > Scheduling > Skills


  1. Select Shifts under Scheduling.

Configuring the minimum and maximum requirements

The resources Minimum/Maximum requirements for a shift determines when a shift is in shortage or open.

2. Under the Shifts tab, select the shift and click on the pen to edit the shift.


3. For the selected shift, under Time slots and time blocks, click on Min/Max.


4. In the Edit a time slot window that opens up, adjust the ressources Minimum requirement and Maximum requirement using the + or -.



  • If the resources Maximum requirement is not reached but the Minimum requirement is satisfied, the shift is open.
  • If the resources Minimum requirement is not reached, the shift is in shortage.

5. Click on Apply to close the window.

6. Click on Save.


Configuring the shifts permissions

The shifts must be configured to be assignable by members for the members to be able to take on an open or shortage shift. You can configure an Approval process to approve the assignment by the member.

1. Click on the Configuration tab.


2. Click on Edit to make the options in the Shifts configuration list editable.

3. For the selected shifts, add a checkmark to the following options:


Assignable by member: Allows members to add this type of shift.

Unassignable by member: Allows member to remove this type of shift.

Approval required: Requires third party approval to authorize a change to a shift.



4. Click on Save.

5. In the Shift management permissions window that opens up, for the relevant members, add a checkmark on Approval and/or Process permissions.


6. Click on Save to save the changes and close the window.


Configuring skills

The member’s skill must be configured to include the shift for the member to be able to see the open or shortage shifts in the group calendar.

1. Select Skills under Scheduling.

2. Under the Members and skills tab, click on Edit to make the Members and skills list editable.


3. Select the relevant skills for the member.


4. Click on Save.

5. The Members and skills list is updated.