How to transfer a shift

How to transfer a shift to a colleague on the mobile app


It is possible to transfer a shift to one or many of your colleagues through PetalMD's calendar.


Offer a shift

1. Go to the Calendar section.


2. Click on My calendar.


3. Click on the shift you want to transfer.

4. Click on Transfer

5. The list of members in your group who have the skills to do the selected task will appear on the screen at this time. It will also be shown to the right of each member if they are "Available", "Busy" or "Absent". Click on the persons to whom you wish to offer your task.


6. Then, click on Continue.

7. This panel allows you to validate the transfer offer you wish to make.

A. Identification of the task that will be transferred.

B. Ability to transfer only part or all of the task. If only part of the task is transferred, this section is activated and the start or end time of the section of the task to be transferred is changed. The task division only allows a division into 2 parts.

C. Identification of the member to whom the transfer request will be sent with the possibility to modify it by clicking on the arrow opposite the name of the selected member.

D. Possibility to leave a comment on the transfer offer that the receiving member of the request will be able to view.


 8. Then, click on Send

Your pending job will now be identified by the following icon.


 If the shift was offered to many members




Withdraw my offer

1. Click on the pending proposed task and then on Withdraw.

2. Confirm by clicking Withdraw




Receiver of the transfer offer

1. The receiver of the offer gets a notification and sees this pending task on their schedule.


2. Click on this pending task to see the details of the proposed transfer offer.



A. You can Accept or Decline this transfer offer.

If offered to many physicians, the first person to accept a transfer wins the bid.



B. You can also click on the View my calendar link to see the status of your schedule for this day to help your decision making.




If there's an approval process for the transaction

If you have accepted the transfer offer but a third party has to approve the transfer, you will see this before the transfer is official.