How to create absence limits

1. Go to Scheduling menu

2. Select Absences section

3. Select Limits tab


4. If your group already has configured limits, you can view and modify them from this list


5. Actions possible from the list

A. The Eye allows the visualization of the detail of reaching a limit for each member of the group


B. The Pencil allows modification of the configuration parameters of a specific limit

C. The Trash can remove an absence limit for this group

Confirmation of deletion

Click Yes to complete the removal of the limit.


Create a new Absence limit

1. Click the create new limit button


2. Setting parameters of the new limit

A. Name your limit

B. Identify the start date and end date that corresponds to the date the absences entered will be considered within this limit.

C. Enter the number corresponding to the limit.

D. Select what you allow your members to do if the limit is exceeded

1. Allowing overflow with approval: If you choose this option, members will be advised that their absence entry will need to be approved because it exceeds the limit. Although, the absence entry will be possible by the members, but the absences will not be confirmed as long as an approver confirmed them.

2. Blocking overflow: If you choose this option, members will be informed that they cannot make this request because they exceed a limit set by the group. It is therefore impossible to add absences that exceeding the limit.

E. Select the Absence Categories that will be considered to calculate the achievement of the limit.

F. Select the days that will be considered in the limit calculation.

G. Select the inclusion, exclusion or only the consideration of absences on holidays.

3. Click Save to confirm the creation of the new limit