How to manage Absences Categories

1.Go to Scheduling menu

2. Select Absences section


3. Select Categories tab

4. List of absence categories available for your group.The categories represent the selection list from which your members can choose when creating an absence.

Possible Actions

A. You can change the display order of your absences by using the small lines.

B. You can use the pencil to change the configuration of one of your categories

C. You can use the trash to remove an absence category. If you do, absences created with this category will still be retained, but this category will not be part of the choices anymore.


5. Create a new absence category

A. Click on this button


B. Fill the information in the creation panel


- Category name: Full name 

- Acronym: Maximum 3 digits and they need to be unique from your categories list

Depending on where you are in the platform, sometimes you will see the full name and sometimes only the acronym, depending on the space available.

-This category can be selected as the default. The one that will be selected by default when entering the absence.

C. Click Save to complete the creation

D. Click Cancel to return to the categories list without saving the new category