How to send a message through the hospital dashboard

1. Click on the On-call icon


2. Click on Write a message (you must have this permission to access this feature)


3. Three choices are offered to send a message from the hospital dashboard 


A. Physicians corresponding to current view: The recipients will be members that have an assignment in the current screen display.

B. Physicians with abilities to cover selected shifts on displayed dates: The recipients will be members that have skills, in the group schedules, to perform shifts that are shown in the current screen display, whether these physicians are already assigned or not. 

C. Physicians on-call during the selected criteria: The recipients will be members that are assigned to a shift in the current screen display between the hours and date selected. 




4. Write down your message subject and content and click on Send


5. The total number of recipients you will be sending your message to will appear in this warning label



6. You can also take a look at your recipient list and delete some of them by clicking on the number of recipients