How to adjust the counter dates

Managing equity dates

If this step is presented to you when you create a new period, your group is configured with specific equity counters that calculate values based on date ranges. For example counters for MONTH1 and MONTH2.

Simply enter the start and end dates for each of these counters.

WARNING: If, for example, your new period is 3 months long and the system shows you 2 counters, contact the support team to have a 3rd counter added. Otherwise, the quality of the distribution of your tasks will be affected.


You can also return later to do equity date maintenance by following this procedure.

1. Go to Scheduling menu and click on Equity section


2. Click on Equity Dates tab


3. Click the Edit button to make the configuration possible

4. Enter dates and click Save

5. You can also decide to exclude an equity counter for this period by unchecking the box on the corresponding counter